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The Silent Tide Experience – Winning the 2014 National Indie Excellence Award

Katrina and I were getting ready to go to one of our son’s soccer games when she checked her email one last time and noticed a recent arrival to the in box from the National Indie Excellence Awards. I was throwing on a t-shirt in the bedroom when she yelled something about “you won it” from the other end of the house and thus commenced the celebration. Grabbing a brew out of the fridge, I tossed Kat the truck keys, said “you’re driving” and off we went to one more soccer game. But this time, the truck ride chit-chat had a bit more energy. Like most good things in life, writing (I prefer to say ‘producing’) A Silent Tide was and still is, a group effort. Although a self-published work, AST bears the fingerprints of many – wife, family, editors, my beloved tribe of manuscript reviewers, photographers, cover designers, grammer geeks, drug cops, lawyers, judges, court clerks, watermen, and the good folks of Mathews, Virginia. To all of them, and to all the fans of A Silent Tide, I dedicate this award.

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