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International evil descends upon the shores of the Chesapeake Bay when ISIS terrorists seize control of tranquil Mathews County, threatening to kill students held hostage at the local high school unless former President George Bush agrees to come to Mathews and stand trial for war crimes committed in the 2003 Iraqi invasion.

Initiated by a 2016 call to arms by the ISIS Caliph Mohammad Abu al-Baghdadi to export their terror to America, an ISIS plan to invade rural Virginia unfolds three years later with the massacre of local law enforcement responding to a fake 911 emergency call of a double homicide in the New Point community of Sandbank. Barricading all roads leading into Mathews after the slaughter, and extracting compliance at the point of a gun, the terrorists maintain total control while awaiting the Presidents arrival until fate intervenes when Category II Hurricane Teresa ravages the Virginia coast and the residents of Mathews rise to take back their county and rescue their children before the explosives planted at the school can be detonated. 

From the sandbag bunker of an ISIS command center in Deir al-Zor, Syria to the Oval Office of the White House, and from the CNN Situation Room to the Bush Family Ranch in Crawford, Texas, ‘A Silent Siege’ takes the reader on a heart-pounding tale of unspeakable brutality and phenomenal courage as can only be told by master storyteller William E. Johnson, national award-winning author of ‘A Silent Tide’.

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